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Labour & Delivery

Pregnancy may pass quickly for some women and very slowly for others. But, inevitably, pregnancy does come to the end. Soon, it will be time for your baby to be born. You need to be prepared.

Although this is an exciting time, many women have lots of questions and feel very anxious and nervous about giving birth. The experience is different for everyone, but if you know what to expect it will help you to be more prepared–both physically and emotionally.

5 Signs that you're in Labor

How will you know when you're really and truly in labor?

It's been a long nine months and you're anxiously waiting for the big moment. How will you know when you're finally in labor? The following symptoms indicate the onset of labor:

  • Bloody show: You notice a pink stain on your underwear or toilet tissue. This indicates that you lost the mucus plug.

  • Rupture of membranes: You feel fluid gush or trickle from your vagina, indicating that the bag of water containing your baby has ruptured.

  • Regular contractions that intensify: You feel contractions that are frequent and increasingly painful. They don't go away but instead intensify with physical activity.

  • Pain in lower back: You feel a regular and intense pain in your lower back that radiates to your lower abdomen and sometimes even to your legs.

  • Cramps that feel like intestinal upset: You feel cramping that seems like the onset of diarrhea, and you may actually experience diarrhea.

If you're not sure you're in labor, call your doctor and discuss your symptoms. If you feel that you are definitely in labor, call your doctor and ask her for instructions or to meet you at the hospital.

Important note: Don't insert tampons, take a tub bath, or have intercourse after the rupture of membranes. If the fluid from the rupture is tinted green, brown, or gold, contact your doctor immediately. This is a possible sign of fetal distress.

Now the moment you've been waiting for all these months is imminent. Get ready to experience the most life-altering event you could ever imagine, and have faith in your body's ability to deliver its most precious cargo.

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