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Parents are hurt when their kids are hurt. A failure is not only painful for your daughter, but is painful for you, too. This is one of those times when you wish you could make it all better, but you may not be able to. You can't make the pain disappear, but you can help your daughter understand that failure is a normal, acceptable, and often unavoidable, experience throughout life.

There are three major "needs" that are likely to be important for your daughter's positive transition to adulthood:

First, it is important to teach your daughter about her own health and encourage her to actively seek answers and opinions about health-related issues.

  • She needs to "take charge" of her health through good prevention and health maintenance strategies, including a healthy diet and regular exercise, monthly breast self-examinations, yearly Pap smears, and regular checkups with her physician.

  • She needs to know and understand the dangers of eating disorders=and how they can actually do long-term damage or even be deadly.

  • She needs to be well informed about STDs, pregnancy, and effective contraception.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to make sure that your daughter has access to the most accurate and up-to-date health information possible.

Second, familiarity with the new technologies is no longer an option. It is a necessity. Your daughter's adulthood is likely to be vastly different from yours in terms of the prevalence of technology in all aspects of her life. And, while men still dominate the technological fields, women must understand the importance of becoming equal contributors, partners, and consumers of technology or they will be left behind. Therefore, you need to ensure that your daughter has ongoing access to the new technologies through her school, library, and if possible, at home.

Third, your daughter must be prepared to take care of herself. She needs to be self-reliant and self- sufficient and not assume that she will have a partner to take care of her. In fact, the present trend suggests that more and more women are deciding to put off marriage until they have finished their education and begun their careers. In addition, many women today feel comfortable deciding not to marry at all. Even if they do marry, the high divorce rate makes it increasingly important that they have the skills and strategies necessary for self-reliance. Your daughter needs to be confident enough to take charge of her own life and not be dependent on anyone else to run her life for her. Teach her that being self-sufficient does not mean that she limits her relationship choices but rather that she is far less likely to feel trapped and stay in a relationship just because she can't take care of herself.

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