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When and Why to visit Dr. Kiran Mehndiratta?

Q - When should I schedule my first appointment and how often should I follow up afterward?
A. Your first appointment should be between 13 & 19 years of age. This should depend on whether you have any health concerns like cramps during periods, emotional ups & downs, irregular periods, family medical history or any abnormal symptom that makes you feel the necessity of medical attention. You and Dr. Mehndiratta can work out a schedule for follow-up visits that work for you. If you’re sexually active or over 18 you should make an appointment every year (this is really important!).

Q – Why visit Dr. Kiran Mehndiratta?
A.  Dr. Kiran Mehndiratta sees lots of teens and specializes in adolescent gynaecology. Your issues and concerns are different than your mom’s and need special attention and care, that too under high level of CONFIDENTIALITY. Ask people you trust for references – your family doctor, your mom, aunt, older sister, your school or college best friends and the locational surroundings – you will get the answer yourself.

Q – What will happen during my first visit?
A. Your first visit will open an opportunity for you and Dr. Mehndiratta to know each other and for the doctor to understand and record your health history. Your height, weight and blood pressure will be checked and you may be asked to provide a urine sample. Depending on your age, health history and any concerns you may have, the doctor might do a breast exam, pelvic exam and Pap test.

Q – How do I talk to Dr. Kiran Mehndiratta?
Asking and answering questions, no matter how personal, is the key to getting good care. Remember, it's really important to be honest. That’s the only way your doctor will know what to check and whether you might need special tests. What you say is confidential, just between you and your doctor. Your doctor will be happy to describe procedures, so don’t hold back. Ask whatever is on your mind. Your doctor will probably tell you that there are no stupid questions.

Q – Will the exams hurt?
You’ll probably experience a feeling of slight pressure rather than pain during the exams. Some discomfort might be caused by muscle tension, so it’s good to concentrate on relaxing. If you do feel pain, speak up right away.

Q – What happens when my appointment is over?
If you’ve had tests, Dr. Mehndiratta will let you know when the results will be back. It’s a good idea to schedule your next appointment before leaving. The computerized patient-clinic management system of the doctor will record your history and test results and will keep track of your next appointment.

Congratulations !! You can now leave Dr. Kiran Mehndiratta’s Clinic much relaxed and mentally strong knowing you’ve done something good for yourself.

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