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Painless Delivery & Caesereans (Epidural  Anaesthesia)

Dr. Kiran Mehndiratta ensures smooth and comfortable journey through Labor and Delivery – the most important and joyous event in a woman’s life.


Having Your Baby
Patients frequently quote about the comforting and expert care provided by Dr. Kiran Mehndiratta and her team, nurses and staff. Many mention our state-of the-art delivery suites, which are family-friendly and help you feel as comfortable and at-home as possible. We don't just deliver babies, we help create families. From prenatal education to choice of childbirth, your family is as involved as you would like.


Obstetric Anesthesia Team
The obstetrical anesthesia service provides 24-hour coverage for obstetrical emergencies, elective cesarean deliveries, post-partum tubal ligations, cervical dilation and evacuation procedures, and a full epidural service, including intrapartum and post partum pain management. Pain management not only includes epidurals for laboring patients, but also for the control of immediate post surgical pain.


Epidural Anesthesia

Epidural anesthesia is one way of taking away the pain of labor and birth. Like most medical treatments it has risks and benefits. It is important that you learn about those risks and benefits before deciding if an epidural is right for you.


Epidural anesthesia uses repeated doses of a local anesthetic in the epidural space of the spinal area. It numbs the nerves from the uterus and birth passage without stopping labor. A successful epidural once administered gives you an almost pain-free awake state throughout the entire labor and birth of your baby.


An epidural is administered by an anesthesiologist, a physician who is a specialist in anesthesia. Your labor is watched carefully before the medication is given. A specially trained nurse or the physician will be near you until the baby is born.

You and your support person should discuss risks and benefits and sign a written consent before the epidural anesthetic is given.

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